Welcome To the Future Grade 4 ECS Students 2021-2022

This is the first video in a series of "Future Grade 4 ECS Students" videos.  If you are a future ECS grade 4 student, please continue to visit this site in the days and weeks to come to watch videos that will give you a tour of the school and introduce you to various teachers. 

*Remember to watch for the little eagle stuffy in each video!*


Episode #8:  Meet Your Next Year's Grade 4 Teacher


Mini Session:  Meet the Clinicians


Episode #7: Play Spaces

Episode #6: Student Services, Supports & Regulation

Episode #5: East Wing - Including: Band, Human Ecology, and Industrial Arts

Episode #4:  Custodial Staff, Gym, Library & Eagle's Nest

Episode #3:  West Wing & Grade 4 Classrooms

Episode #2: Front Office, Administrative Assistants, and Administration


Episode #1: Introduction

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