Principal's Message 2021-2022

Welcome to Emerado Centennial School!

Emerado is a vibrant school community. It opened in 2006, after years of design and research, under the guidance of principal Garth Doerksen. Ever since, Emerado has been offering exceptional and exciting education within a school community experience.

Vocal artist Drake says, “One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else.” At Emerado, we want to build students up to be their best selves, in whatever individual ways support their unique development.

Our team of dynamic educators who love children, love teaching and are committed to the success of each student is excited to welcome your one-of-a-kind child to Emerado. Our focus is on building positive relationships between our dedicated, creative, and talented staff members, your amazing children and you, your child’s supportive guardian. Together, we can build children up, and help them grow in so many unique ways.

Providing students with the tools to grow up healthy, both physically and emotionally; growing their resilience skills; supporting their development of citizenship skills; and providing opportunities for them to explore the world around them is what we strive to do at Emerado Centennial School. We are committed to the success of each and every student who walks through our door!

Your child’s Emerado Centennial School experience is just beginning. Together with staff, students, parents, guardians, and community members, you and your child stand at the forefront of a great adventure! Welcome to Emerado, a place of respect for diversity and uniqueness, a place where we build the future together, soaring above and beyond.

Looking forward to next year,

Jacqui Kusnick


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