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expAs part of the compulsory core offerings, Emerado students engage in experiential learning opportunities through a series of Exploratory courses.  These courses incorporate learning outcomes from various subject areas, and offer middle years students the opportunity to interact with learning outcomes in small groups, using more hands-on activities.  Examples of Exploratory offerings include:

  • Body Systems - dissections, owl pellets
  • Egyptian Museum
  • "I Love to Read" literature theme - Literary Cafe
  • Outdoor Education - golfing, wall climbing
  • Community Service Learning Projects
  • Microscope Labs - dissections
  • Photo Story
  • Newscasts
  • Dioramas
  • Debating
  • "Amazing Race"
  • "Drain the Brain"
  • "CSI"
  • "Real Game"
  • Catapults study
  • Strategy Games
  • Olympics
  • "Amazing Race" in Deutschland

Manitoba Education states that, "Experiential learning involves structured, "hands-on" learning opportunities that help students discover and develop their career-related strengths and interests...As students process these learning experiences, they develop new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking that enhance their essential/employability skills.  Over time, this process helps students make better education, training, work-related and personal life choice/transitions.  Experiential learning engages students' curiosity and interest, and ultimately helps them assume responsibility for their own learning.  (Source: Guidelines for the Implementation of the Middle Years Experiential Learning Grant )."

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